We believe that commercial real estate occupiers are better served investing their capital in core business activities, as well as growth and sustainability initiatives

This capital can include business expansion, research & development, enhancing ESG efficiencies, or broad CapEx and asset improvement initiatives.

Blackbrook Capital helps corporations across the credit spectrum in Europe succeed by leasing high quality, mission-critical commercial real estate to suit their operational requirements, and by providing bespoke long-term sustainable Sale-Leaseback and Build to Suit financing solutions.

With more than €1 billion of committed capital, we are able to take a flexible and independent approach to how we work with our corporate tenants and investment counterparties. We primarily focus on industrial properties including logistics, light manufacturing, cold storage and similar assets used in the distribution and delivery of essential goods throughout Europe, as well as healthcare, hospitality, strategic office and specialty retail assets.

We are a true growth partner for our tenants – we have no short-term liquidity or exit requirements and are focused on delivering a reliable and efficient capital source to our tenants so they can focus on the future growth of their businesses.

Sale-Leaseback Financing

Unlock growth capital: We are experts in structuring sustainable Sale-Leaseback solutions for companies of all sizes, both investment and sub-investment grade, public and private, and across multiple industries.

Redeploy capital for growth: Through structuring a Sale-Leaseback with Blackbrook Capital, companies are able to release capital tied up in the real estate assets and redeploy that capital into their core operating businesses, recapitalise their balance sheets and fund M&A, sustainability and growth initiatives.

Retain control: At the same time, our tenants retain full operational control of their critical properties for the long term while having the security of a capital partner for future investments in the properties to help drive further growth.

Plan for a greener future: Real estate is one area where sustainability improvements truly matter and have a meaningful impact on a global scale. Blackbrook helps businesses transition their real estate footprint towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Build to Suit Financing

Access financing for Build to Suit commercial development

We can fund 100% of the construction and development cost of new mission-critical real estate required for business growth.

We partner with professional developers and real estate occupiers to structure highly efficient development funding for Build to Suit commercial properties.

This allows developers and occupiers to ensure their capital is used more effectively in their core operating business, while at the same time securing the properties they need in a timely and transparent fashion.

This can be structured either as forward funding (fund-through) development financing or as a forward commitment (purchase upon completion).

Net Lease Real Estate

Realise value in your properties

Blackbrook Capital invests in single-tenant “Net Lease” (triple-net, FRI, Dach und Fach) or “long-income” commercial real estate assets where we see long-term value in the property and in developing a partnership with the occupier.

Our primary focus is real estate where we believe that we can provide Value-Add for the assets in question, such as through green & energy efficiency improvement initiatives, and expansion financing to ensure our properties are both cost effective for our tenants and environmentally sustainable.